Tuesday Training. Dan from Peak Performance Cafe and Fitness is back with Zoe from Miss Piggies 🐷💪

Today’s workout:

⏱ FOR TIME (you’ll see that option on the SmartWOD app)

  • ➡️ Burpees x 8 reps
  • ➡️ Squats x 25 reps
  • ➡️ 1 minute Plank
  • ➡️ Burpees x 8 reps
  • ➡️ 45 second rest
  • 🔁 Complete
  • 7️⃣ rounds total

Download the SmartWOD App to record your results, then you can post a screenshot in the comments.

Remember you can take a break at any stage you need to, but you need to get through the total amount of work above.