In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the required social distancing measures, we’ve teamed up with Peak Performance Cafe & Nutrition to bring you a series of workout videos to get you training each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in preparation for when rugby season returns.

There’s nine videos in total – 3 weeks worth of 3 sessions per week. Originally published on our Facebook and Instagram channels, these workouts can be done any time as a replacement or in addition to other rugby training.

Our second video in the series – your Thursday night training session!

Thanks to Zoe 👏 from the Miss Piggies for being Dan’s victim in this one 😂.

These workouts can be done at home, at a park, anywhere you like whilst maintaining social distancing.

Today’s workout:

💥 WARM UP – 10 minute run or if you have to improvise at home, try short shuttles or even 50/50s
➡️ 1st Round – 5 PUSH UPS followed by a 25m SPRINT. Complete 5 SETS total of this.
🥵2 minute rest after completing 5 sets
➡️ 2nd Round – 5 BURPEES followed by a 50m SPRINT. Complete 5 SETS total of this.
🥵 2 minute rest after completing 5 sets
➡️ 3rd Round – 5 x 100m sprints.
✅ Cool down & stretch, then you’re done!

So try & find some open space! Get outside, get used to cold & wet weather, after all…its RUGBY SEASON!

Remember to drop in to Peak Performance Cafe and Fitness, located in Old Town Centre. Have a chat with Renae & Dan about your results from Tuesday’s workout & this one.