In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the required social distancing measures, we’ve teamed up with Peak Performance Cafe & Nutrition to bring you a series of workout videos to get you training each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in preparation for when rugby season returns.

There’s nine videos in total – 3 weeks worth of 3 sessions per week. Originally published on our Facebook and Instagram channels, these workouts can be done any time as a replacement or in addition to other rugby training.

Thanks 🙏👏 to Dan at Peak Performance Cafe and Fitness for putting this program together and for joining our family as a sponsor in 2020!

Also a shoutout to Byron👏💪for volunteering to demonstrate. You’ll see a range of junior and senior players in our upcoming videos.

These workouts can be done at home, at a park, anywhere you like whilst maintaining social distancing.

These workouts can be adapted for all junior and senior players and we want to see some friendly competition, so you can compete against your team mates each session.

Download the SmartWOD App to record your results, then compare your progress when you do this workout the next time.

Today’s workout:

💥 7 Rounds
⏱ FOR TIME (you’ll see that option on the SmartWOD app). This means record the total time to get through all 7 rounds.
➡️ Push ups x 10 reps
➡️ Air Squats x 10 resp
➡️ Jack Knifes x 10 reps
➡️ Burpees x 5 reps
🔁 Then do it all again…7️⃣ times total

If you need a breather in between rounds, that’s fine! But just keep the timer going til you complete all 7 rounds & any rests in between.

In addition to these workouts, over time we’ll share some rugby skills related videos as well.