The Jindabyne Rugby club is a ‘public’ body in the broadest sense, with a mission that encompasses service to local community. In order to maintain its reputation and standing, our members are expected to act ethically at all times, with openness and fairness at club functions held within the community.

The club embraces the ideal of fair and open discussion, recognizing the rights of individuals to their own opinions, and supporting the principles of freedom. However, it is expected that you will restrict your behavior and comments that will not risk damage to the clubs reputation or that of our sponsors.

The Jindabyne Rugby Club is a community sporting body who’s Members and guests interact in a wide variety of activities. It is acknowledged that alcohol will be consumed at some activities involving the club. However, the Clubs relationship with the community and in particular with our generous sponsors must be maintained. The Club does not allow the harassment and unacceptable or unlawful behavior that may result from the use of alcohol. You must not cause danger for yourself or others.

You must comply with the Clubs code of conduct and safety requirements whilst at club functions at LJH and grounds.


  • While attending Club functions you are refused service of alcohol, members must accept and understand that you are deemed not fit to consume anymore by staff who must comply the Responsible Service of Alcohol.
  • If attending a club function and asked to leave the premise, members must leave without conflict. If you feel you are being unfairly treated then this can be discussed with the committee at a more suitable time.
  • Complying with this code will allow your Club to maintain a high degree of respect within the community and assist in making our functions more enjoyable for ourselves and our sponsors.
  • Failure to adhere to this code may result in disciplinary action by the club.