COVID-19 Updates

The latest updates on training and playing with the club in light of the 2020 global health situation.

Training Reminder

Wednesday 5 August, 2020

Dear Players and Parents,

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to Jindabyne Rugby Union Club. We have enjoyed a successful return to rugby and have liked seeing lots of new players join the club and play some wonderful rugby.

Getting rugby back on the paddock meant our volunteer committee had to do an enormous amount of COVID compliance work to ensure the safety and welfare of our players, club and community. Something the committee have enjoyed doing, particularly now that we’re are back to rugby and with such wonderful support from the players and their parents.

But unfortunately, one of the major COVID compliance regulations we are bound to follow is now getting too relaxed by some players and parents.

Players and parents, your children MUST NOT arrive to training earlier than their team’s prescribed training time and left unsupervised on the oval.

If your child’s team trains at 5:00pm, they are NOT to be on the oval earlier than 5:00pm and until their coach is in direct supervision of your child’s designated training area. This is a COVID-19 compliance regulation that must be followed and has been set by ACT Rugby.

In addition to COVID-19 compliance, your children are not being supervised prior to training. We had a serious incident occur at the oval this week prior to training where there was no parental supervision. A serious incident that would have been avoided if children were not arriving to training earlier than directed.

It is our responsibility as parents, coaches and committee members to ensure the safety of all our players, many of whom are represented by children.

Please DO NOT allow your children to arrive at training earlier than their team’s prescribed training time. This can be managed by simply waiting in your car at rugby training drop-off with your child until their training time commences and their coach is supervising their designated training area.

We thank our Jindabyne Rugby community and look forward to working together to ensure the safety of our children, senior players, coaches and our broader Jindabyne community. It is a team effort and that’s that makes our game and this club so great, so please support us.

Thank you,

Chris Marshall

JRUC President

Returning to Training

Friday 29 May 2020

Following the lifting of some restrictions and in consultation with ACT & SNSW Rugby Union and the relevant government authorities in ACT and NSW, we are pleased to be able to resume training on the foloowing dates:

  • Tuesday 2nd June – Bushpigs
  • Tuesday 9th June – Piglets U10s to U16s, Miss Piggies

To be able to return to training, as parents/players, or coaches/managers of teams, you need to:

  1. If you haven’t done so already, register on Rugby Xplorer app, at a minimum under a TRAINING ONLY registration
  2. Download the COVIDSafe app
  3. Email to confirm your/your child intends to return to training

These steps are ESSENTIAL for insurance, contact tracing and training attendance management.

Training will be limited to groups of 10 or less, training in a defined area of the field (to maintain social distancing requirements in small groups), and will be NON-CONTACT training (i.e. only practicing passing, kicking, fitness, body shape and game structure).

See the letter from our President, Chris Marshall, sent via email to all players on 29 May. ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️

Remember: All participants (Players, Coaches, Officials) must be registered with Rugby Australia in order to be fully registered and received coverage under Rugby Australia’s Sports Injury and Liability Insurance Plan.

Registration Process

  1. Complete the JRUC online registration form below (for your/parent contact info and sizing for training kit)
  2. Download the Rugby Xplorer app to your phone and login to begin registration or use the desktop version at: You will need your previously used email/Rugby ID# to login – use your password or send yourself a ‘Magic Link’ and you’re in!
  3. Register by clicking on the More button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Then select Register. If you/your child played last season, the name should appear. If you/your child is a new player, or you are registering with a new email, you will be asked to create an account now. Do it in your name, as the parent (master account), and then add your child/ren that are intending to play.
  5. Click on your name/the playing child, then click CONTINUE and follow remaining instructions.


Registration Fees

Below is the list of registration fees to play for Jindabyne Rugby Union Club:

Junior players: $170 (apply for your ActiveKids voucher here to save $100 for each child)

Senior Men’s players: $210

Senior Women’s players: $165

Training Only, Seniors: $20

Training Only, Juniors: $12

Coaches / Officials / Volunteers: FREE

All prices include GST. Zip Pay is available for registration fees.

What’s Included

Each player receives the following benefits as part of their registration fees:

  • Insurance. As part of Rugby Australia’s Sports Injury and Liability Insurance Plan
  • Training tee to keep and wear at training each Tuesday and Thursday
  • Playing shorts and socks to keep
  • Jerseys. We provide these on game day then collect them for laundering. Every second season (even years), junior players receive their jerseys to keep at the end of year presentation. Senior players receive their jersey at the end of each season.
  • Transport. The club owns and maintains number of buses to help transport players to away matches, reducing the strain on players and parents to have to drive long distances.
  • Free food and drink on game day. At home matches Junior players can enjoy a free kids sausage sandwich and drink (e.g. a juice box) after their match. Senior players get to enjoy other refreshments post-match 🙂
  • And last but not least, a fantastic community of like-minded people promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, that will result in life-long memories and friendships.

Registration Form